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Short Stories...

Over the Edge Cover Preview -Just cover_

Over the Edge

By: Brian Hershey

An adventurous tale of survival that trails a teenager named Mary who after a twist of events finds herself battling against overwhelming odds in order to stay alive...

 Lexile Measure: 800L - 900L

Stink Cover.jpg


By: Brian Hershey

Maria Rosa is a typical 8th grade girl with a crush, a model student and like most her age, she’s ready to end the school year. With the spring time heat filling her classroom, Maria finds herself in an unlikely scenario where a rancid odor begins to permeate the room. Worried that the smell may be her, Maria finds herself desperate to find the source before anyone can accuse her of the stink.

 Lexile Measure: 700L - 800L

Cover Final for Manchester Dolls.png

Manchester Dolls

By: Brian Hershey

After being chased by the police, two mischievous teens, Andre Jacobs and Chris Martin, find themselves lost in the woods on Halloween night. Trying to get to a nearby park to enjoy candy they had recently stolen, Andre and Chris stumble onto the old Manchester factory. What starts as a night fun quickly turns into a night of terror as the teens uncover a dark secret within the factory.


This is a cautionary tale of how bad behavior almost always leads to unwanted outcomes...


Lexile Measure: 700L - 800L

Cover with Author and Editor.jpg

Worthy of Praise

By: Brian Hershey

Quinton Brooks is a normal 8th grader with normal desires to be important and have nice things. After an embarrassing turn of events, Quinton runs into an unlikely creature named Cogi, a creation elf that grants him one wish. Yet the wish isn't what Quinton imagines and he is whisked away to another world where he's faced an entirely new set of challenges...

Lexile Measure: 800L - 900L

Tools For Complex Texts...

Story Elements and Story Review - Cover

Story Elements & Story Review

These handouts can be used with any short story and can be taken as a solo grade as well as a foundation for other deeper learning activities.

Info Text Elements Cover.jpg

Informational Text Elements

This product is designed to be used with any non-fiction article for the purpose of extracting the key ideas and information. Easy to print and helps students approach nonfiction more strategically.

Poem Elements - Visualize Cover.png

Poetry Elements

The Poetry Elements sheet is designed to focus the reader’s attention and zero in on certain aspects of poetry that can be difficult for students to understand and/or recall.

Writing Tools

Writing an Argument.jpg

Writing an Argumentative Essay

Argument Writing is a very difficult skill for students to learn and master. It is also highly likely that it will show up on the state standardized tests that the students need to take on a yearly basis. This writing packet is set up to not only teach the student the individual parts of writing an argument essay, but also provides them with an easy, systematic way of editing their writing without having to rewrite the entire piece.

Cover Design.png

Writing an Informative Essay

With the onset of Common Core standards and an increased emphasis on writing rigor, this informative writing packet takes the students step-by-step through the different elements contained within an informative essay and allows the teacher to take the students through the entire writing process with ease. Complete with reference pages, outlines, rubrics and a user guide, teachers will find this well crafted writing resource to be an asset to their writing programs.

Word Choice & Vocabulary Tools

Cover Pic.jpg

Similes & Metaphors Booklet

This product is designed to help students understand two variations of figurative Language, Similes and Metaphors. There are 10 practice items for both Similes and Metaphors, but the students have to analyze which one is which.

Front Cover Image.png

Hyperbole & Personification Booklet

This product is designed to help students understand two variations of figurative Language, Hyperbole and Personification. There are 10 practice items for both Hyperbole and Personification.

Cover for Vocabulary Packet.png

ELA Vocabulary Booklet #1

 This booklet is designed to help students understand Academic vocabulary in ELA as well as Literary vocabulary within stories and articles they read.

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