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Reader2writer is run by a collection of creative thinking people all dedicated to developing top-notch materials and stories in the industry of publishing and media.

Brian has seventeen years of experience teaching Middle School English and Language Arts & Creative Writing in urban districts, two master's degrees, one from The Ohio State University in Education and the other from Northern Kentucky University in English/Creative Writing. Since then, he has produced five separate books, "Hurry Up, Slowly", "Life, Like", "Dark Steps", "Forgotten Sin", & his newest "Damned to Live". Brian is also a certified fiction book editor in which he helps authors with their structural design & copy-editing needs. Brian specializes in Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Fiction as well as writings that pertain to the field of Education and Teaching.  

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Brian Hershey
    Author /Book Editor/Publisher

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Kayla Hardin
    Structural Editor 

Kayla’s love for reading is only overshadowed by her love of all things bacon, she is a dork for the pork. She put in blood, sweat, and a few tears at Northern Kentucky University to come out mostly sane and unscathed with her Master's Degree of English specializing in Creative and Professional Writing. She grew up reading everything, shampoo bottles included, but her favorites are by authors such as; Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Peter Straub, Dean Koontz, and Anne Rice. Kayla believes that everyone has a story to tell and she wants to help them tell that story, especially in the horror genre. Kayla’s past work includes various short stories, novellas, novels, articles, collections, and other publications.


Sarah Pogue

    Professional Illustrator

Sarah is a fine artist and illustrator. Though she can happily spin words into images all day, in her spare time she might also be found reading, exploring, or walking in the woods.

Check out more of Sarah's work on her website:


Brendon Miller

    Professional Illustrator


Brendon was born in Noblesville, IN.  He studied Drawing at the Art Academy of Cincinnati where he received his BFA in 2011.  He currently lives in Cincinnati with his fiancee Bri and two dogs Marie and Rumo in a gutted school bus, hidden in a junk yard, which they've transformed into a semi-habitable living/studio space.

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