Adolescent Stories

Life Like

Brian Hershey


The annual outside art festival is nearly a bust for Sapphire Williams and her best friend, Cierra. Over-heated and ready to leave, the two girls encounter a very mysterious woman by the name of Madam Dee. With one dark brown eye and one crystalline blue eye, Madam Dee's stern appearance is enough to make anyone uneasy. However, Sapphire cannot take her eyes off of the Madam Dee's art work that is bizarrely life-like.  


Convinced that Madam Dee's artistic ability is the result of an old, strange looking art pen with glowing blue inlays, Sapphire "borrows" the odd pen when Madam Dee is not looking. Sapphire quickly realizes that her assumption was correct as each one of her creepy horror sketches begins to take on the same eerie, realistic look as Madam Dee's artwork. 


It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words...yet Sapphire and Cierra soon learn that some pictures can become much, much more!


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Adult Stories

Dark Steps

Brian Hershey


A grisly murder has occurred and social services case manager, Derrick Mayes, is assigned to the case to provide therapeutic services to the only witness who has been left in a catatonic state, a young boy named Lucas. Despite being overwhelmed, frustrated, and battling emotional challenges of his own, Derrick reluctantly agrees to take the case. Yet the more involved he becomes, the more he realizes that darker, more sinister forces are at work. Derrick is ultimately faced with a grim reality of truth and torment...

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Forgotten Sin

Front Cover for Forgotten Sin.jpg

Brian Hershey

Dr. Mya Bishop, an expert on medieval mythology and folklore at the University of Cambridge, is more than she appears to be. Cursed, haunted by guilt, and desperate to be free from her terrible past, Dr. Bishop seeks the help of an animal specialist, Marcus Holland, from Australia. 

In an attempt to uncover the mysteries behind Dr. Bishop's curse, Marcus upsets the internal balance of emotions and the habits that kept Dr. Bishop's dark secret hidden from society. Set in the rise of the digital era and no longer able to conceal her true nature from the world, she finds herself facing a new menace that is relentless in pursuing her for one purpose, to kill her. 

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