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Breaking News: The Full Moon Rises Again!!!

Sequel to "Forgotten Sin"

For several years now, many have been waiting for the sequel to the thrilling werewolf novel, "Forgotten Sin." Well, it has finally arrived! Book #2 titled, Damned to Live, is the continuation of Robert Osbourne and his family as they try to cope with the psychological fallout and aftermath of having encountered a werewolf. These ferocious hellhounds have ravaged his family and left them in a state of constant dread and mental instability. Once again set in Western Europe, old characters intermingle with new allies in a hunt for truth and vengeance. Yet, an ancient menace is lurking in the shadows; one more fearsome and violent than any other werewolf; one made of pure evil.

If you have not read "Forgotten Sin," no worries! You still have time to read it before "Damned to Live" debuts. Simply click on the image and order your copy so you too can dive deep into the world of werewolves...explore the origins of this wicked out answers to questions that only a few dare to ask.

Some say the werewolf is the perfect blend between person and beast, but not all feel this way. Follow Cambridge Professor, Dr. Mya Bishop, into the darkness as she seeks to rid herself of her malevolent secret. Haunted by guilt, and desperate to be free from the horrors in her past, Dr. Bishop has no choice except to employ the services of Marcus Holland, an animal specialist from Australia. However, Marcus is unaware of the treachery that lies ahead and that once a person has stepped into the darkness, there is no going back...


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